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Risk Management

It is important that you understand your needs in the areas of Life and Trauma Insurance and arrange to cover any shortfall as shown in this report.

The total term insurance cover should be the amount that will, upon the death of either spouse, leave the surviving person in a financial position that does not cause financial hardship.

Trauma insurance, which provides financial protection against the circumstances affecting a family upon the diagnosis of life threatening conditions such as cancer, heart attack, stroke and numerous other medical conditions, should be considered as an essential part of your risk management.

It is also important you understand the benefits offered by adequate Income Protection to protect your income in the event of sickness or accident. This will provide the necessary protection to ensure continuity of your programme and maintenance of your lifestyle.

We suggest policies which offer guaranteed renewal conditions underwritten by insurers of strong financial standing.

Are you adequately covered?

Any insurance recommendations made in this report are purely for illustration purposes only, and are meant to show any possible areas where you may have a shortfall in the level of cover required to protect you and your family.

The actual Insurance Company or Companies and or Policies recommended are made by an Accredited Financial Planner and can be seen in a separate Rick Insurance Analysis Report.

Any insurance premiums, which have been shown in this report are indicative premiums only and are based on an average of some of the insurance companies and policies that may be recommended by your Financial Planner.

We cannot be held responsible or liable for any insurance recommendations made in this report or for any future loss sustained by you or your family due to non-acceptance or alteration of the cover recommended.

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( See a Licensed Financial Planner )