1. RESPECT - Always respect yourself, team members and clients and you will receive it in return.

2. EXCELLENCE - Near enough is NOT good enough.

3. EDUCATION - Constantly increase your level of personal knowledge about business on the move.

4. BALANCE - Always strive to have a completely balanced life in which emotional, spiritual, physical & financial needs are met.

5. TEAM WORK - Always say “Yes I Can Help” when asked for assistance.

6. OWNERSHIP - Understand and always act according to the principle “I work with the group, NOT for the group”.

7. FUN - Business is fun. It is a game in life to be enjoyed. Continually learn the rules and always do this with a smile on your face and in your heart.

8. COMMON SENSE - Common sense is a pre-requisite. It must always prevail in making sure you are always realistic in what you take on so you are able to keep all the agreements you make.

9. PLANNING - Plan to succeed and always keep information flowing. Immediately there is a positive change forward in direction for the whole team.

10. TRUST & HONESTY - Always speak the truth with everyone in your life and believe that others will act in good faith at all times.