Alkina - A beautiful life

The sun sets on your busy day in one fi nal blaze of glory, and crystal shafts of soft
moonlight fi lter through your garden. It’s time to relax. Time to take your time to
enjoy everything your beautiful new home gives you... perfectly positioned in an
exceptional Trask Land master planned estate at Narangba East. Here, Trask Land has
created Alkina – an environment designed for families to love, neighbours to share,
and lifetime friendships to be created.  Deriving from from the Indigenous word for
“moon”,  Alkina is the perfect place to illuminate your lifestyle and light up your life.


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Managing your personal or household cash flow is a business and you are the financial controller of your household business. Successful businesses manage their cash flow very well and tightly without restricting the growth of the business ...the same should apply to your household cash flow so that you can achieve your financial goals and dreams. .. without restricting your current lifestyle to any great extent.

The management of what you earn compared to what you spend is the basis of any successful business and running a profitable business allows creation of additional wealth for future business stability and growth. The same applies to your household profit.

Any successful business has a detailed business plan and regularly reviews this business plan with updated information provided by the financial controller to see whether budgets and profit margins are being met.

The Cash Flow and Debt Management Analyser Software provided by Asset Acceleration Group (Aust.) allows you to monitor your cash flow, debt levels and asset position regularly and will provide detailed reports back to you and your Cash Flow Consultant to allow accurate management and fine tuning of your household financial position.

Effective debt management is a critical component of any well-run business and to that end we will now illustrate the best method of debt management for you.

It is important that you understand your needs in the areas of Life and Trauma Insurance and arrange to cover any shortfall as shown in this report.

The total term insurance cover should be the amount that will, upon the death of either spouse, leave the surviving person in a financial position that does not cause financial hardship.

Trauma insurance, which provides financial protection against the circumstances affecting a family upon the diagnosis of life threatening conditions such as cancer, heart attack, stroke and numerous other medical conditions, should be considered as an essential part of your risk management.

It is also important you understand the benefits offered by adequate Income Protection to protect your income in the event of sickness or accident. This will provide the necessary protection to ensure continuity of your programme and maintenance of your lifestyle.

We suggest policies which offer guaranteed renewal conditions underwritten by insurers of strong financial standing.

( See a Licensed Financial Planner )

Are you adequately covered?

Any insurance recommendations made in this report are purely for illustration purposes only, and are meant to show any possible areas where you may have a shortfall in the level of cover required to protect you and your family.

The actual Insurance Company or Companies and or Policies recommended are made by an Accredited Financial Planner and can be seen in a separate Rick Insurance Analysis Report.

Any insurance premiums, which have been shown in this report are indicative premiums only and are based on an average of some of the insurance companies and policies that may be recommended by your Financial Planner.

We cannot be held responsible or liable for any insurance recommendations made in this report or for any future loss sustained by you or your family due to non-acceptance or alteration of the cover recommended.

SAS Property Management


SAS Property Managers have a large property management portfolio, managing around 500 properties from the Gold Coast to the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane and as far west Ipswich and surrounding areas on behalf of owners and investors.

Our Head Office is conveniently located at 132 Ashmore Road, Benowa on the Gold Coast. Benowa is centrally located to service the needs of all our clients, and our mobile Senior Property Managers service the North and West Brisbane areas.

Our policy is to provide all our clients with a standard of service that is second to none.

For Landlords

At SAS Property Managers, we are committed to a totally professional approach towards you, your property and your tenants. Also, we understand that you can only make a good decision when you are provided with the right amount of information.

For further information about SAS Property Group and other practical aspects of property management, please download and go through our Information Sheet for New Landlords (PDF, 46KB).

SAS Property Managers
132 Ashmore Road
Benowa, QLD 4127

Tel: 07 5564 8105
Fax: 07 5597 7655
Toll Free: 1800 756 955
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PO BOX 686
Surfers Paradise QLD 4217